Take the hard work out of sowing your new lawn with hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding lawn from Easy Grass

Easy Grass Limited will rapidly establish a lush new lawn for you using the benefits of hydroseeding:

  • faster germination so your lawn establishes quickly
  • higher percentage of seed germinates giving a better strike
  • superior plant survival rate
  • bonds in place so ideal for slopes and banks
  • uniform distribution of the mulch that contains the seed and fertiliser, so no bare patches

Hydroseeding is more reliable than hand seeding and more affordable than instant turf. At Easy Grass Limited we use top quality seed, which is tailored to your site. Seed for any situation can be used such as grass mix for sunny or shady areas, high traffic areas, sports turf, amenity ryegrass or fescues; to native seeds or even wildflower mix.

The hydroseeding process is quick and easy. There is no need to mask paths or driveways. Seed is sprayed directly onto your site contained in wood-fibre mulch, with a start-up fertiliser and tackifer to hold the product in place. The mulch turns into humus and becomes an integral part of the soil.

Approximately 6 weeks after sowing your new lawn we will follow up with a “weed and feed” (weed spray and fertiliser). All our products are biodegradable. Easy aftercare advice will be given for your new lawn.

Easy Grass Limited provides a hydroseeding service to the Wairarapa, Manawatu and Wellington areas in:

  • Establishing grass on new residential lawns
  • Refurbishing existing lawns that are past their best
  • Commercial lawns
  • Erosion control on difficult banks or slopes
  • New subdivisions
  • Roadside grass establishment
  • Parks and Councils
  • Sports Grounds
  • Golf Courses
  • Dust and Sand Control